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Key Achievements

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My achievements include:

  • Analysing Data and Trends in Driving Continuous Performance Improvements
  • Implemented A Range of People Change Strategies and Interventions, Succession Planning, Performance Management, Competency Framework and The Leadership Competency Framework
  • Gained Accreditation for ISO 9001, IIP and Matrix Gold
  • Leading and Managing Organisations Through Their Self-Assessments Process, Co-Ordinating All Activities Associated with the Quality Training Cycle and Drive Quality Improvement Throughout the Businesses I Supported; Wrote the Self-Assessments Reports and Quality Improvement Plans to Drive Continuous Performance Improvements
  • Nominee for Ofsted Since 2006 – 2015
  • Managed Two Failing Training Providers, Grade 4 (Inadequate) Ofsted Inspection and Achieved Grade 2 (Good) Ofsted Inspection In 2011 (WBL) And Again In 2015 (ACL)
  • Supported Partners and Sub-Contractors Through Continuous Improvement Planning
  • Implemented Compliance Training to Increase Income Generation
  • Implemented Skills Academies Introducing Traineeships and Apprenticeships into the Curriculum Delivery Supporting Young People Coming Out of School and the Un-Employed

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